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Morrissey is my hero
this is where you can get it:

if you can't afford it / don't have a credit / debit card, i'll actually send you a free pdf of said book.

it's poetry, however.  you've been warned.


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Morrissey is my hero

hit it hard.

all hate mail is welcome.

I'm kicking up LJ again to find support for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Morrissey is my hero

my name's nick. i'm a 31 year old male. i have been experiencing fatigue / exhaustion since i had a bad case of mono when i was a senior in high school, age 17.

as you probably know, various doctors had to do a ton of tests to eliminate everything else before saying i have CFS.

in the past, i've recovered from alcohol addiction, addiction to painkillers and addiction to muscle relaxants. my current diagnoses besides cfs are: bipolar disorder, severe general anxiety disorder, body dysmorphic disorder.

since late august of this year when i received my official diagnosis for cfs, i have had to stop working. in the two months prior to being diagnosed with cfs, i was hospitalized four times for exhaustion. since being diagnosed, i've been hospitalized once for a nervous breakdown.

i'm trying to adjust to sleeping sixteen or more hours a day when i used to be fairy active, or at least able to push myself through working and reading and writing. i'm also adjusting to being in a near-constant mental fog when my mental acuity was once extremely high.

there don't seem to be any "real world" groups for cfs where i live, so here i am. any advice is welcome. thank you for reading.


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