nick_bysshe (nick_bysshe) wrote,

I'm kicking up LJ again to find support for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

my name's nick. i'm a 31 year old male. i have been experiencing fatigue / exhaustion since i had a bad case of mono when i was a senior in high school, age 17.

as you probably know, various doctors had to do a ton of tests to eliminate everything else before saying i have CFS.

in the past, i've recovered from alcohol addiction, addiction to painkillers and addiction to muscle relaxants. my current diagnoses besides cfs are: bipolar disorder, severe general anxiety disorder, body dysmorphic disorder.

since late august of this year when i received my official diagnosis for cfs, i have had to stop working. in the two months prior to being diagnosed with cfs, i was hospitalized four times for exhaustion. since being diagnosed, i've been hospitalized once for a nervous breakdown.

i'm trying to adjust to sleeping sixteen or more hours a day when i used to be fairy active, or at least able to push myself through working and reading and writing. i'm also adjusting to being in a near-constant mental fog when my mental acuity was once extremely high.

there don't seem to be any "real world" groups for cfs where i live, so here i am. any advice is welcome. thank you for reading.

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